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Stanley Cup Finals - Game 1 [Open Thread]

Game 1
In Detroit at 8:00 p.m.
Watch on Versus, Yahoo! or listen live on


Here were are; the moment we've all been waiting for.  It's been a long journey since the first game back in September against Carolina and we're not letting up yet.  Only four more wins to go; only four more wins to claim the Cup.  Finish your pre-game meals, complete your pre-game rituals and prepare yourselves for the first game of what is set to be an amazing series.  If you're new to the site welcome, this can be your coming out party.  Join in on the first Pensburgh 2.0 Open Thread.


For the Pens, Gary Roberts turned 42 years old this week but can hardly find a real reason to celebrate.  He'll be a scratch tonight and Gary couldn't be more angry .

Video: Gary's Bday

For the Wings, Johan Franzen is going to play the "I might/might not play" game up until the puck drops.  Expect him to play.

The Baby Pens are still alive, forcing a Game 7 against Portland.  Evidence of this franchise's depth can be seen on all accounts when you have both the parent club and minor league affiliate in their respected championship runs.

There's nothing more to say when you've waited six days for this thing to start. 

Let's get it on.