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Crashing the Net

Pensburgh users and fans around the net have spoken up.  What can be done to solve the Penguins' playoff woes, what can Detroit expect back in Pittsburgh and will Chris Osgood maintain a perfect undefeated Stanley Cup Finals record (currently 6-0)?  Next to the Flying V and the triple deke, the only other solution seems to be SCORE.

"I don't blame him," Franzen said. "I've got to get my arms up and protect myself. It's up to the officials to protect us; I think they should have made a call there, but they didn't. I lost my balance and went down for a couple of seconds, but I'm fine now, nothing to worry about. I felt better than expected."

Johan Franzen commenting on the Gary Roberts 'hit'

Pensburgh user and offseason blogger Dayna has a suggestion for coping with loss .  Next to looking delicious, eating away one's woes may be the best suggestion for Penguins fans at the moment.  Drinking won't help at this point.  (see also Darren McCarthy, Dino Ciccarelli, Theo Fleury)

Laraque wants at 'em:

"As disappointing as it is [to be scratched], if we win, it's good.  If you don't play and you lose, it's more frustrating. As long as it works and we win, I'll be OK with it."

Personally, and feel free to argue the point, but I feel a guy like Georges Laraque out there on the ice is just extra baggage.  The Pens don't need penalties right now (not that activating Roberts helped much in that area).  On top of that, BGL can hardly keep up.  He barely logged 5 minutes of ice time in Game 1 and was relatively invisible out there.

I see Petr Sykora leaning his shoulder into Chris Osgood causing him to lose his balance. Did he embellish his fall? I think so. Was he hit though by Sykora? Yes.

Behind The Jersey

At least they didn't deny he embellished.  I'll take it.

Decent story from a guy out of Detroit.  While he blatantly explains Malkin's presence has been minimal (seriously, no denying it), this article also expresses what kind of leadership Max Talbot brings to the team.  It's always awesome when we get a bit more insight into the world of the role-playing guys like Talbot. 

The Calgary Sun was one of the first papers to jump on the "Where is Malkin" bandwagon.  If he goes scoreless, pointless and/or shotless in Game 3, expect his face on the side of milk cartons.

The Pens may be down 2-0, but at least we can spell .  Just having a lil fun with our friends at Winging it in Motown.  But I will admit, their level of cockiness is definitely getting up there.  So much so, in fact, that they're planning a parade already through the streets of Detroit.

Speaking of WIM - WIM's editor Christy has some awesome pics from the game, courtesy of her dad.  Check this one out and follow the Flickr link to others.  Thanks for the post Christy.

Keeping with the SBNation community, Joe from MileHighHockey couldn't have said it better .

A four game sweep through Pitt and back to Detroit would be all the more sweeter now huh?

Hey, Dallas figured them out after three and reeled in two straight.  Who's to say Pitt can't do the same AND surpass?

Keep the faith.