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Letter From Christy at WIM

Humble as always, Christy from Winging It in Motown has sent Pensburgh another letter following Monday's game.  Arbitrary as it may be at this point, it was still a kind gesture on Christy's behalf to at least acknowledge and condemn Osgood's 'slip' in Game 2.


Dear PensBurgh,

Even as a Wings fan two wins away from the Cup, I am so not writing off the Penguins yet. We all know about the fire power that the Penguins have between Malkin and Crosby. We know that they can score and get those big goals. However, I'm not so sure that they can pull it off against the Detroit Red Wings. But we'll find that out when the two teams head back to Pittsburgh.

Game #3 is going to be huge. One win from the Penguins and they are right back in the series with the chance to tie it up before heading back to Detroit with momentum on their side. On the other hand, a win by Detroit is almost a nail in the coffin. Tomorrow's game will hopefully be an exciting one. Will Sid the Kid get a goal on Osgood?

Speaking of Osgood, that certainly appeared to be an embellishment on the Sykora shoulder. Fellow goaltender Dominik Hasek would be proud and I'm certainly not pleased to see that similarity between the two. He's a great goaltender, but that was unnecessary.

I was disappointed to see the game get a bit chippy towards the end of the game, but I was proud to see Pavel Datsyuk step up and even throw a few punches. And at Gary Roberts! I really hope to see an exciting Game #3 tomorrow with clean play, no embellishments, great scoring chances, and solid goaltending from both teams.

You won't hear much gloating from me unless the Wings finish off this series. Until then, thanks for the space and go Wings!