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Stanley Cup Finals - Game 3 [Open Thread]

Game 3
In Pittsburgh at 8:00 p.m.
Detroit leads series 2-0
Watch on NBC, Yahoo! or listen live on


I'm not really one to go and brag or anything, but JDMaker1 and I totally called this .  Maybe not Letang (I was gunning for Gill), but I did mention Sydor is looking mighty strong on the scratch list in terms of leadership boosts.  Letang was and has been impressive all year, but Fillipula (don't care if I spell it right) darted around him the other night like he was standing still.  Blame it on exhaustion, blame it on nerves or just do what Michel Therrien did - yank em right from the line.


Sydor's return to the D brings a few concerns.  First off, he hasn't played a single playoff game in this postseason.  Sure, he's taken the morning skates and practiced regularly, but you have to up the tempo and play out of your head in the playoffs.  Will the true veteran shine tonight?

Outside of the playoffs, Sydor hasn't played in a game since March 31 against the Rangers.  If I did my math correctly; carried my one, divided by one and times everything by one, that's practically 58 days without an NHL start.  Comparatively  speaking, nearly 1/3 the length of the offseason spent sitting.

Now for a bit of the outlandish - a prediction.

Malkin will score.