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Letter From Winging it in Motown

Christy from Winging it in Motown checks in and shares a few words about Game 3.  You can read my initial letter following Pittsburgh's victory at that link.

Dear PensBurgh:

I hate losing. But if my team is going to lose, I'd prefer to see it go down like it did last night. I felt that the Wings controlled at least half of the game (the first 15 minutes of the first period and the last 10 minutes of the third period). Unfortunately, controlling part of the game does not give you a win. But if it hadn't been for Marc-Andre Fleury's heroics late in the third, that game would have headed to overtime and who knows what would have happened then. And honestly, to lose to the Penguins once on the road in the Stanley Cup Finals by a narrow margin is not the worst thing to happen to the Wings. Now here's to hoping that it remains only one loss in Pittsburgh by the time this series goes back to Detroit.

As much as I didn't want the loss to happen, it certainly was a more interesting game and created a more compelling story for the media now that Crosby notched two goals in the Penguins win. The big story on Saturday will be if the Wings head back to Detroit with a chance to raise the Cup in Hockeytown or if the Penguins tie this series up heading back to Detroit.

But kudos to the Penguins for earning the win and to the fans in attendance at the Mellon Arena who roared in approval.

Thanks for the space and go Wings!