No Holmstrom for Game 4??

After a 3-2 loss against Pittsburgh last night, the Wings have another concern to add to the list. Forward Tomas Holmstrom left the game with just over six minutes remaining after a Hal Gill cross check and did not return. He was seen limping as he exited Mellon Arena.  - Christy from Winging it in Motown.

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A couple of thoughs:

1.)  Good, I don't like seeing people hurt, but I don't want him playing either.  I think he's a pain, annoying, etc . . . and I also think he's kinda a dirty player (Just my opinion).

2.)   He didn't get hurt on a cross-check.  He got hurt storming the net and flipping over Hal's leg.  I don't think it was a dirty play on Hal's part at all, and it's about time Hal finally got  the better end of a Holmstrom-Gill run-in.

Opinions, comments, etc?

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