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Stanley Cup Finals - Game 4 [Open Thread]

Game 4
In Pittsburgh at 8:00 p.m.
Detroit leads series 2-1
Watch on NBC, Yahoo! or listen live on


From the Penguins' web site:

The Penguins are 17-0 at Mellon Arena since Feb. 24, and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury hasn't lost there in six months, going 19-0 since the night before Thanksgiving. Now that's a home-ice advantage.


Listen, I'm not one to say Sidney Crosby doesn't dive.  Frankly, I'm not an advocate of it in any degree of the term for ANY team.  But there is a sense of mild humility when Pittsburgh turns around and says Holmstrom dives .  I can see where they stand trying to play a mental game with the Wings and all, but I don't know how I feel about that statement.  Wings fans since Game 3 have been voicing concerns over Holmstrom's injury because it was, in their eyes, an uncalled penalty.  Through the frames of the black and gold glasses it would appear to just be a small part of what wound up being a long game worth of pushing and shoving between Gill and Holmstrom.  Believe me, I'd prefer the latter.  But to go out there and say it was a dive is just - well, out there.

In either case, Holmstrom is a game-time decision.  Rumors would suggest he's expected in the lineup tonight.

Here's an interesting read on the Pittsburgh fan base.  It's amazing the limits fans will go to do listen/watch games.

D.O. from the SBNation Buffalo Sabres blog Die By The Blade did a great write-up on the former Pen Matthew Barnaby.  Remember him?