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The Buzz Around the Team Heading into Game 5

"What's been said in the locker room stays in the locker room."

Sergei Gonchar
"You're not going to win every game."
Sidney Crosby

That about says it all.  These guys aren't going to let one loss, the only loss of their 2008 playoff run, slow down any signs of momentum.  The Penguins know what they have to do and plan to do it in Game 5.  

"We have to learn from this. We have to play 60 minutes."

Marian Hossa

That they do.  Not to mention, the Pens really have to be the ones who control the pace of the game.  As mentioned in earlier posts (and evidenced by Game 4) the Penguins are not a dump and run type of team.  They need to keep the pace fast and the end to end run and gun style going for the entire game to make the Rangers play their game.  

Coach Therrien is expressing nothing but confidence, and with good reason.  The Pens are 7-1 in 8 playoff games.  What could have been their second consecutive sweep wound up being their first loss of the post-season.  The team reacted in obvious disapproval, and Therrien was quick to explain.

"We don't accept losing. Winners don't like to lose."
Michel Therrien

While game 5 may have been an obvious flub in the Pens' playoff run, they don't expect a repeat of Thursday's performance on Sunday.  The offense knows they have to put on shots, but not just in volume.  High percentage shots will beat Lundqvist, preferably down low past the pads instead of challenging the mitts.  

Perhaps Marian Hossa said it best when asked if the Penguins expected to see a Game 6 in New York.

"Definitely not."

Marian Hossa