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Pittsburgh's Extra Line...the Refs?

Seriously, when is it going to stop?  Or maybe a better question would be, when are staff writers at papers/networks going to come up with a more original thought?

Is it a Flyers vs Penguins/Refs kind of series?

And of course there's this one from the last series against New York.  Rangers may have to beat Crosby and Refs.

Stop making excuses for yourselves and go with some level of originality.  So far the entire playoff run has been the same rehashed storyline from series to series.  Even Don Brennan from the Ottawa Sun at least had a semi-original thought when he said Ottawa should headhunt for Crosby.  While I would never condone the action on any player, at least it wasn't Senators vs the refs jargon.

Sounds like Philly is already looking for an excuse to use.  

When will people; excuse me, semi-sane minded hockey fans, understand that the NHL would not rig a playoff run for any team?  Seriously, what is wrong with people?  Frankly, that would be the last thing on my mind if I saw another team making a hearty run (with or without a guy like Sid).  But then I remember, some of these columnist guys can't attract flies without feces.  Might as well rip off some other writer or develop a ridiculous conspiracy while you're at it.

In relation to the previous post, the media would have you believe that Pittsburgh is playing with five lines.  After all, the Penguins certainly had their share of bench calls this season for too many men on the ice.  Perhaps the penalties came from referees exiting the Penguins' bench to get on the ice...

Pens in 6.