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The Ice Tilts for Pittsburgh - Timmonen Out; Links Around the Net

From AP:

Flyers All-Star defenseman Kimmo Timonen will likely miss the Eastern Conference finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins because of a blood clot in his left ankle.

Philadelphia general manager Paul Holmgren said Timonen was hit by a shot by Montreal's Andrei Markov late in Game 4 of Philadelphia's second-round victory over the Canadiens. Timonen had an MRI taken Wednesday that didn't show a clot, but a vascular surgeon found a small one Thursday.

This is huge news for Pitt.  Timmonen not only shutdown Ovechkin in the Washington series, but he did a similar job against Montreal (till taking the puck off the foot).  This may lead to lesser-quality coverage on guys like Sid, Malkin and Hossa.  But perhaps this will also mean scratches can not be suspected for Downie/Cote.  Fistacuffs my friends, fistacuffs.

Taking a look around at some different sites and found some good reading material on Pitt.

Whitney talking about the series.  The defenseman claims Pitt may be, "just young enough to win it all."  Bold statement from a...well, we won't go there right now.  Let's just say Whitney has to live up to it.

Here's a quote from this article:

The 30-year-old Biron had never started an NHL playoff game before taking to the ice with the Philadelphia Flyers in early April. The 23-year-old Fleury had played all of five for the Pittsburgh Penguins last spring against Ottawa and they weren't anything to write home about.

Does this mean Fleury may be, dare I say, more experienced than a 30-year-old former career backup in his first run for the cup?

I'd say so.

Please welcome new Pensburgh user wavegold.  He's already contributed an interesting piece in reference to the Pens' whiteout attempts.  Should it be Pittsburgh gold instead of cliched white?  Does white signify a surrender?  Read on here.

Philly is convinced Penguins fans are going to put a Pens jersey on Rocky.  Too bad Montreal fans already did it:

Open thread to come later.  Game 1...TONIGHT