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Game 4 Letter from WIM

Christy from Winging it in Motown has the floor again following her team's victory in Game 4.  As always, you can read my letter to her there.

Dear PensBurgh,

What a game! And you are definitely right, Henrik Zetterberg is quite the two-way player. He had arguably the biggest save of the night during the Penguins 5-on-3 advantage.

Hossa was a beast tonight. I was very impressed by his effort and he seemed dangerous almost every time he touched the puck. I thought he was definitely the best Pens player of the game and certainly worthy of being named third star.

It was another exciting game and my nerves certainly seemed to get the best of me in the second period before the Wings got the lead early in the third period. And even after that goal, it was still a tight game.

I wonder if Holmstrom will play on Monday. It sounded like he was good to go tonight, but then opted not to play since it wasn't elimination game. If he's feeling a bit better after 48 hours rest, will he play for a potential clinching game? We'll have to wait and see.

It would be a huge disappointment for Wings fans if the team wasn't able to win the Cup at home so hopefully they'll be able to pull together a win for the home crowd. If not, I still like Detroit's chances at winning it all but I certainly wouldn't want to head back to Mellon Arena to test that theory. And as I said before, no gloating until Lord Stanley's Cup is raised.

Until then, thanks for the space and go Wings!