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Crashing the Net

A continued look at some posts around the Net.  Conveniently enough, an idea I had for a post was already done by EmptyNetters, so I'll just link over to them and save myself the work.  As for the others - well, it's a hearty collection.

For starters, some toolbag named Larry Brooks over at the NYPost has decided that this downtime in the season is the perfect time to turn around and talk about Penguins getting calls in their favor.  It shouldn't come as any surprise - he's from New Yawk.  He even gave it a stupid title.

Jodie at The Sidney Crosby Show is putting together a summer project of Crosby fans from around the world.  If you log in to Pensburgh from another country, be sure to check it out and rep your country and team.

EmptyNetters must be reading my mind, because they posted up a list of the current Penguins and where they were drafted.  Kudos to them for a job well done, and many thanks for sparing me the work!

Dayna from The Off-season blog found a link from The Hockey News.  It's a Mike Brophy piece focusing on HIS picks for HIS hockey awards.  Check it out .

That's it for now.  Relatively slow time (as you can imagine) around the team.  I've said it once and I'll say it again - it's all the calm before the storm.  Talks are circulating about Ryan Malone and Columbus, Hossa back in Pitt and a Malkin contract negotiation sooner rather than later.  Keep checking back for word on those.

Also, I haven't forgotten about the giveaways.  I'm hoping to have something up by next week.  I figured it would sandwich fine between the draft and deadline.