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Ray Shero discusses July 1

In a scantly clad article in the Trib-Review, Ray Shero discusses (without actually SAYING it) where his priorities stand.

One player Shero wants to keep off the market is defenseman Brooks Orpik, who is represented by Lewis Gross.

Orpik is expected to meet with Gross on Monday, and they are likely to discuss parameters for a deal to be offered by the Penguins


Shero also went on to say how he doesn't hold it against any of the players looking to test the market on July 1.  But apparently there were at least three offers coming in for Ryan Whitney, and I'm pretty surprised the Pens didn't move to get rid of his inflated salary.  If anything, at least Shero knows where certain teams stand now in regards to Whitney at least.

FYI - it's another Rob Rossi article.  This runs a chances of having no meaning whatsoever.