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Let's Consider - Gary Roberts

First things first - spread the word, tell your friends, pass it on to other bloggers : Pensburgh is hosting its first giveaway on Wednesday.  More details to come.

Scary Gary; the intimidator and instigator of the Pittsburgh Penguins unfortunately found his season mired by injury.  The broken leg sustained against Buffalo in December was the real clincher to what would prove to be an extensive and often stinted rehabilitation.

Perhaps the one question above whether Gary re-signs or not is "Will Gary retire?"  The thought has danced around the media headlines for the past few weeks since the season's end, as it would seem likely when you consider Roberts' retirement years earlier due to injury. 

Does harboring Roberts' salary pose as more a liability than a payoff?  After all, the Pens kinda did the same thing with Mark Eaton and look what happened to him.  That one knee surgery last season wasn't enough - he needed another.  Combine that with some of his previous injuries and it doesn't look like either will sign.

However - and there is a however - Gary is hungry for one last Cup.  He came so close, yet so far this season.  He knows who he's playing with, he knows what he's up against and he's proved he can overcome the odds.  Will another year be too much for the 42-year-old veteran?

The same questions we ask ourselves are no doubt the same questions Gary is asking himself.  I think the Penguins will offer, and I think they'll leave it up to Gary as to whether or not he wants to take it.  Perhaps, similar to that of Brendan Shanahan on the Rangers, Gary will take the league minimum in hopes of clearing up the cap room and simultaneously opening up his chances at gaining another Cup.