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Let's Consider - Pascal Dupuis

The "other guy" in the Penguins' trade for Marian Hossa.  His presence on the penalty kill was immediate, but his contributions in the postseason failed to impress.  Does Pittsburgh's 2008 season involve Pascal Dupuis?


2007-2008 stats

Pascal Dupuis
78 12 15 27 32

Now that the Penguins have traded over the rights of Ryan Malone and Gary Roberts to the Lightning, the list of potential re-signings is limited to a select few picks, one of whom is Pascal Dupuis.

Dupuis is an inherent pest on the penalty kill who makes his presence known every time he's on the ice.  While Dupuis had his share of chances at more than a few goals in the playoffs, he inability to produce can easily attribute to poor bounces. 

If anything, Dupuis is the 'slightly' taller version of Max Talbot.  Both are gritty, hard-skating "right place, right time" sort of players.  But do the Penguins benefit from holding on to both, or do they let a guy like Dupuis go knowing they have his 'position' filled by Talbot?

I'd imagine the Penguins will make an offer to Pascal, as it seems pretty obvious that not much is moving with other players.  So, for the sake of not missing the boat on all of them, especially when you consider Orpik is in hearty (questionable?) negotiations with the team, if Dupuis is worth holding onto they better do it soon.

The ideal chemistry existed between Hossa and Dupuis, embedded from years of joint service in Atlanta.  That's not to say that Dupuis and Crosby/Malkin/Syko can't fuse the same way, but it won't come as second nature to the clan as it did with the two guys who trekked to Pittsburgh together midseason.  Now it's more than obvious the two will officially split directions and find themselves with separate clubs. 

Do the Penguins keep Dupuis?