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Letter From Winging it in Motown

Christy from Winging it in Motown was on hand for Game 5 at Joe Louis Arena.  Here is her letter to Pensburgh after the Pens won 4-3 in triple OT.

Dear PensBurgh,

Congrats on the biggest win of your season and certainly the most exciting one. It truly was a fantastic game, but a horrific ending for Wings fans. 34.7 seconds left in the third period and the crowd at the Joe was getting louder and louder. They're chanting "We Want Cup." And then, they actually pull out the Cup and start to shine it. It was then that the Penguins struck and it hurt.

The Penguins certainly came out with more urgency in the first period and the first half of the second period. But by the third period through the end of the game, I thought the Wings controlled the game. If it wasn't for the goaltending of a certain MAF, the Wings would be celebrating a Cup win right now. It was a great performance by Fleury and what a game to pick to play your best.

It was the most frustrating, disappointing, and upsetting loss of the season because they had it. And just blew it. Ugh.

The Wings have a must-win Game #6 in my eyes because heading back to the Joe where either team could win it is just too much. I still believe the Wings are the better team and will win it, but the Penguins are certainly doing their best to prevent that from happening.

Thanks for the space and go Wings!