It was a good run

But I have to admit, that the Red Wings were the better team, and played better hockey than the Penguins.  I can't count how many times I caught myself saying "Do they only have 5 players on the ice!?!?!" or "They are ALWAYS in the right spot" when talking about the Red Wings.  The Penguins played hard(for the most part) but were out played by the Red Wings.  I think that any other team that the Penguins played would have lost to the Penguins... except for the Red Wings. 

The Penguins just had some bad luck tonight.  The 1st goal against was going wide but deflected off of Gill and went in.  The 3rd goal should have been swatted away as it just sat in the crease behind Fleury, but nobody seen it... I have no idea how Orpik didn't see it.. I mean, the first place you look when the goalie is trying to cover the puck is behind the goalie... yet Orpik stopped and looked out front(I guess to protect Fleury). 

Well... no more hockey... I'm sad to see the season gone and a little scared to see what moves are going to be made in the off season.  I can't imagine Hossa being back on the team and I fear that Malone and/or Orpik will be gone as well...  I hope that Malone takes a home team discount and stays with the team and I hope the Penguins do everything they can to keep Orpik. Orpik really showed his worth in the finals and in my opinion was the best player on the Penguins for the Finals. 

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