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Offseason - Day One

On any other day, you wake up from a loss the night before and have the common knowledge of knowing you can shake it off next game.  You can put the 5-1 behind you, throw the 3-0 shutout  out the window.  But today is different.  Today is the first day of a very long and painful offseason. 

The offseason is a time for players and coaches to take a break from the overwork of the season.  But don't expect Pensburgh to slow down at all.

Now prepare yourselves - if I were accepting an award you'd probably all want to punch me right now.

I want to take this time to thank all Pensburgh users, both new and old, for their commentary during the season.  Also big ups to residential fight expert Dunman for his continuous fight coverage throughout the season.  Rumor has it there's a fantastic fight finale contribution on the way. 

Thanks to my AGM friends who trekked over to Pensburgh and joined in on the threads.  Hope to see you around again next season.

Fellow SBN Hockey bloggers, Pens bloggers, general hockey bloggers, fans and friends alike; thanks.

Read on for Pensburgh's offseason plans.



I have a bunch of things lined up for the offseason, and I hope you guys check back and keep up on your Penguins info.  One of the features I plan on debuting will have player profiles on some of the most memorable players to wear Pens uniforms.  I also plan on posting up memorable video clips and interviews with authors/writers (hopefully players too).  I have the first one of those on schedule for next week.

Of course, we have all that "Who do we re-sign" talk to get to eventually.  I reiterate - eventually.  For the time being, let's just congratulate our team for a stellar season. 

Key dates:

June 20/21 - NHL Draft (will have a special, potentially even LIVE BLOG syndication option for this).

July 1 -  right around the time you can expect contracts to heat up