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Let's Consider - Marian Hossa

Of all the drama surrounding free agents and re-signings and blah blah blah; let us not forget one of the biggest names [potentially] on the market - Marian Hossa.  Some believe he wants the cash, others say he'll be willing to stay for a Cup.  See what Hossa himself had to say about the ordeal.

"If I wanted to make a couple more dollars, I would probably just re-sign with Atlanta.  But I'm glad Pittsburgh got me here. This was a fun journey for myself, and a great experience. I hope I can stick with a great team like this. ...

Marian Hossa - Trib Review

I want to believe it; I really do.  I just can't see, even still, how Pitt will manage to hold on to him.  The UFA situation is no doubt a peculiar one for the Pens (and one Pensburgh will be covering like flies on dung), so it's really hard to even speculate how management will handle this one.  But if those words hold true, and Sid/Geno/Malone start to gel with Hossa; then look out.

A vote of confidence on this one:

"There's always a limit, but I'd rather take a little less and play on a good team, definitely."

Admit it - when he first came to the team and left midway through his first game with a knee sprain, you forever cursed the Hockey Gods and waited patiently as your Flyers/Rangers/any other team friend sent you a text, e-mail or message to just laugh in your face.  Everyone called it lunacy, everyone thought it would backfire on the Pens (which it kind of did initially), but hardly anyone expected the kind of run he'd have in the playoffs.  "He sucks in the postseason" they said, "he's a waste of ice" they reasoned.  Wrong.  This guy was a huge contributor to Pitt's postseason run, accumulating 12 goals and 26 points in the quest for Stanley.

Let's play the hypothetical GM game.  As discussed in Stros Bros fanpost following Pitt's loss, we all somehow got on the topic of "who should stay and who should go."  So, how much do you think Hossa could be had for and who do you think may wind up on the outskirts of a re-signing with the Pens because of it?