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Pittsburgh Penguins Free Agent Signings and Dealings & Introducing Eric Godard

Not the busiest of days so far for the Pens, but at 6:15 on a Tuesday night you can almost assume business is coming to a close today.


Pascal Dupuis - 3-year deal at $3.6 Mil ($1.3 / year)

Mark Eaton - 2-year deal at $2 Mil ($1 mil / year)



Eric Godard (acquired from Calgary) - 3-year deal for undisclosed amount



Ryan Malone - Lightning - 7-year $35 million deal

Gary Roberts - Lightning - 1-year, $2 Mil

Adam Hall - Lightning - 3-year, $1.8 Mil ($600,000 / year)

Ty Conklin - Detroit - 1-year, $750,000



Jaromir Jagr - 2-year deal worth $10 million with an option out

Marion Hossa - 7-year deal worth $52 million

Evgeni Malkin - 5-year, $8.7 mil per year extension

Marcus Naslund - no numbers, but the name was thrown around


So who is Eric Godard you ask?  Well, he's not exactly you're ideal offensive-minded forward.  Last season he played 74 games, racked up 171 penalty minutes, 2 points (1G, 1A) and put on only 14 shots.  But he scraps - oh yes he scraps.

You may remember in fact, from November of this season:

Well, he tries.  Pat on the back for that.  If Laraque stays this would surely make things awkward.

And what about this Jagr consideration?  If anyone knows how to give him what he wants then it's going to be Lemieux.  Part of the reason why New York isn't showing much interest in Jags is because he wants things on his terms.  There has been rumors flying about with regards to Jagr getting offers overseas upwards of 4 years for $30 mil.  But it's not so much the money as it is the freedom that Jagr is gunning for, and Lemieux will finagle some sort of offer if the two are mutually understanding.   I just wonder if the veteran is willing to play second fiddle (again), this time to the younger duo of Sid and Malkin.

Best case scenario?  Die hard Pens fans of the 90s can spend 50 cents to dry clean their Jagr jersey instead of $150+.  That is of course if you didn't burn it, wipe with it or sell it to a blind man pretending it was a Sidney Crosby jersey. 

*nervous laugh* Yeah, he's still convinced Sid is number 68.

Excuse me - I have to go to hell now.