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Pittsburgh Penguins' players under the radar

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Interesting article on CBS Sports today (and yes that's CBS not CBC).  CBS staff writer Wes Goldstein analyzes some of the under-the-radar signings from teams around the league.

It shouldn't come as any surprise that four of the twelve have had or currently have an association with the Penguins.

Only one of the players mentioned is a current Penguin, while the three others left the team this offseason.

That Penguin dubbed "under the radar" is none other than Miroslav Satan.

This was the sort of signing I put right in the same market at the Petr Sykora signing of last season.  It's not bad, and on paper it's not all that flattering either.  But you can't help but think what he may be capable of once he's on the ice with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

Goldstein writes:

Miroslav Satan, Pittsburgh: Last season was his worst since Satan established himself a decade ago, but you have to cut him some slack because he played for a miserable New York Islanders team. Thing is, Satan is still relatively young at 33 and a top six winger by anyone's definition. Consider him a poor man's version of Hossa, but Satan comes a lot cheaper at $3.5 million for one season. And playing on a line with either Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin means Satan's numbers should spike up dramatically. If they do, he'll be a serious bargain.

I admire a man who bashes the Islanders like that.  Dubbing him a poor man's Hossa may actually be a compliment - I can't decide.

Sykora came up huge for the Pens this past season and gelled so well with Malkin that placing them on separate lines would probably draw a legal dispute over who has to pay the alimony.  I think we'll see the same from Satan in 2008.

The other three Pens mentioned in the article are Georges Laraque, Adam Hall and Ty Conklin. 

Basically Goldtein says Laraque is the enforcer Montreal has needed for years, Conklin will push Osgood to play well as he is a threat to a starting role and for Hall:

Adam Hall, Tampa Bay: The Lightning will be Hall's fourth team since the lockout, which can make you wonder whether there's something wrong with him, or if he is simply a player many teams desire. The latter seems more appropriate for this gritty forward, who shed his non-descript label with a solid effort for the Penguins in their run to the Finals. Hall isn't really a goal scorer, but he's versatile and has a great work ethic, which makes him a nice addition as a role player for Tampa Bay, especially at only $600,000 a season.

First off let me just critique - "will be" insinuates he isn't signed yet, which he is.  So technically, The Lightning ARE Hall's fourth team, and Tampa Bay IS his fourth city...

But I'm just saying that because there's always a chance a guy like him gets traded before the season - not to eye up grammar.