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Another reason to hate the Rangers (as if you needed more)

Next to wasting our time in Round 2 of the playoffs, I've always had a discerning hatred for the blueshirts.  So when I read this post up on, I just kinda rolled my eyes in that sort of "Whatever you say" sort of way.

The Rangers have responded to the NHL's attempts to strong-arm them, attempts that include threatening to remove the franchise from the hands of ownership. The case for an independent web site may have been shot down left and right, but we cannot imagine a court in the U.S.A. upholding a provision that prohibits litigation, to the point of causing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage. See the Daily News, Newsday, and Blueshirts Blog for more. Meanwhile, while Bettman bashes the league's top U.S.-based franchise, he now stands accused of negligence in the Nashville ownership fiasco, having perhaps allowed a deadbeat owner to take over a team without doing the proper homework

Blueshirt Bulletin

Cocky much?  Top U.S. in market alone.  If a degree of actual playing success had to speak for the team, then they wouldn't be too far up there.

And sure, Rangers fans can come back with, "You barely even kept your team until the NHL fixed the Crosby pick for you."  But Penguins fans are over that by now, and will be in 2020 when the Rangers are still without a Cup since '94 and fans are saying the same thing.