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Penguins fans are 'knuckleheads'

Or so we've been told. 

Bob Smizik of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called Penguins fans 'knuckleheads' because we apparently just can't wait to boo Hossa.

Fairly accurate assessment combined with a mildly lame insult.

Personally I'm not all that insulted by it.  I've been called worse things in life, which I'm sure all Penguins fans would've been labeled in the paper if the Gazette didn't have to censor out the obscenities.

A few Pens blogs are bringing light to the issue in a more prominent way.  I for one don't plan to take this for more than what it is - another example of a journalist trying to get attention on a slow day in the middle of the summer.

But as a loyal blogger, reader and fan it's only right to extend the option for Pensburgh loyalists to join the fight should they desire to do so.

One of the newest Pens blogs, Steel City Sports fan, is starting a movement with proceeds going to the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

ThePensBlog does what they do best here.

Just for the record I plan on booing Hossa...