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Penguins' Michel Therrien talks to ESPN 1250 radio

Trying a little something new here with embedded audio.  Click below to listen.

This interview was conducted a few days ago, but since it's a slow day for news around the team I figured I'd toss it up on here.  Michel Therrien discusses his new contract with the ESPN 1250 crew and couldn't sound happier with the extension.

"I met with Ray after the season and we talked about the new deal, but the focus was on the personel and that was the main thing.  And I thought he did a great job about signing our core group of young players like Malkin and Fleury, and he did a fantastic job to be able to sign Brooks Orpik.  I know Ray was really busy trying to keep the same team on the ice, but the last two weeks we started to get involved a bit more about my new deal and it was very friendly and professional and this is the place I wanted to be."

Therrien even makes light of the Hossa one-year deal as well...