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New feature on Pensburgh and SBN

Well if the roll out for the new Pensburgh site wasn't enough for ya (which better not be the case!), then perhaps this will help fulfill your passion for upgrades.

When you sign-in to SBN or Pensburgh now, you will see that title bar across the top of the browser.  This is nothing new, but what is new is a little link to the right of the bar (to the left of LOG OUT).  The overseers and improvers and...however you wanna dub it, who overlook the constant improvements and advancements of SBN have added a feature story link to the entire network.  So if you click that headline it will take you to one of our other fan blogs (not always hockey).  Remember, Pensburgh is a site of its own but a proud member of 

So if you've stumbled across this site and didn't know your username is welcome on other sites too, then I'd highly advise a visit to to see all of the other great fan blogs you can join.  You can even scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and browse through other sports blogs.

Just remember your good friends here at Pensburgh.