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Penguins' Janne Pesonen

Unless you knew of him beforehand (which, frankly none of us can say we did) news of the Penguins signing Finnish forward Janne Pesonen may not rock the lines like you'd hope it would.  Word around town is he's insanely fast, amazingly skillful and capable of playing both sides of the puck.  But if you're still not convinced, there's probably one thing that will sway you for sure.

Right - evidence.

So, let's take a look at some of his videos and decide ourselves how big an impact this guy is going to have on the Penguins.

The Pensblog found this one and posted it a few days ago:

Pensburgh user Pittsburghkid shared this one as part of the Matt Cooke signing thread from a day or two ago:

Pesonen scores here at the 1:00 minute mark in a shootout

If you find more toss them up as fanshots and link over to them in the comments.  I think this guy is going to come up huge for the Pens this year.  He's a nice, solid addition to the depth of this team and may just provide a serious threat on the third line - unless that responsibility is reserved for the likes of Fedotenko and Satan.

And now - I think the Pens are done.  There's no money left, no positions left to fill and nothing I think to be necessary for the Penguins to jump on.

What do you guys think?