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Pittsburgh Penguins 08/09 - we're almost there...

But first we have to get through another two or three weeks before prospect camp.

Once I get wind of the prospects expected to line up in camp we can start taking polls on who will be upped to the black and gold before the year is over.  Last season I went 1-for-2 by picking Letang and Filewich.  We'll see how we all do this year...

For the time being though it's officially the first day of the last month of summer.  Now don't get me wrong; I like me some nice sunny days.  But by the middle of August you kinda get to a point where enough is enough and you want to get on with the season already.  Then again, it was about 90 degrees for the home opener against the Ducks last season.  So who knows?

Fun article today from a paper in, of all places, Texas. (not knockin on our Stros. Bros)

The Galveston County Daily News did a little article on hockey.  Well, more like ice skating and more like one of those 'beat the heat' sort of features.  But in any case, here is a relevant excerpt:

Morris owns 27 replica sweaters of pro players, including Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin of his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Morris said he enjoys skating and handling the puck but looks forward to learning to be a goaltender.

Eesh, 27?  That's either a rich family, a spoiled 8-year-old kid or he owns 27 of those cheap iron-on logo ones.  In any case, it's cool to see a Pens fan from deep in the heart of Tay-hahs.

So this is summer - the last of it.  Prospect camp soon, rookies debut soon and before you know it the season opens in Sweden (two months from now).