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Mario Lemieux statue to go up at new Pittsburgh Penguins arena

The details on this one are still scant, but upon reading the slightest hint of a Mario Lemieux statue greeting visitors outside the new arena in 2010, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't immediately psyched for it.

That arena, which team chief executive officer Ken Sawyer said will open for the 2010-11 season, will include a statue honoring Lemieux, the all-time leading scorer in Penguins history.

"We'd be remiss if we didn't have that," Sawyer said of the to-be-designed statue, which will be positioned near the plaza entrance at the northwest corner of Centre Avenue.


And for some reason, in a question I'm sure only annoyed Lemieux deep down, the reporter asked Lemieux about Hossa:

"It was very disappointing," Lemieux said of Hossa's departure. "I thought he wanted to be part of what we've built here over the past couple of years - especially with Sid and Malkin, having two of the best players in the world."

How does that even pertain to the new arena; to the statue?  Ask him about what it feels like having a statue put up.  As him what it feels like being immortalized in statue form.  But you ask him about Hossa?  Come on Rob Rossi, your questions are a disservice to Penguins fans.

At least the article mentions the Penguins will have six games televised on a national level this season.  That's always a plus.  We all love NBC's coverage, don't we?