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The Hockey News ranks Sidney Crosby at top of charts

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In the fantasy expert edition of The Hockey News, the general understanding (and apparent acceptance) is that Sidney Crosby will top the charts for scorers by the end of this season.  Last year's prediction was somewhere in the 126 point range, but this year's is definitely a more reasonable prediction. 

According to THN, Sid will top the scoring title with 113 points, eight ahead of second place finisher Alexander Ovechkin.  In terms of hardware, Sid will take home the Art Ross and Hart Trophy.  But it's the Conn Smythe that may raise a few eyebrows.


They predicted Marian Hossa as the winner of the Conn Smythe.

Just as a refresher, the Conn Smythe is awarded to the MVP of the playoffs.  This MVP is on the winning team.  In this case, that winning team is the Detroit Red Wings.

Interesting quandary indeed. 

It's not even that I'm rooting all of this in the premise that Hossa played for the Penguins last season.  On the contrary, I'm a bit surprised that he would be considered over the likes of Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg.  Not to mention Fillipula and Lidstrom. 

This could easily just be another example of THN trying to get a bunch of fans rallied up.  Clearly it has worked.