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Ryan Whitney highlighted on Pittsburgh Penguins' home page

There's a post-surgery story up on the Penguins' web site about Ryan Whitney and his foot surgery.  Unfortunately it doesn't say anything hopeful like "Whitney recovered completely within the span of 10 seconds", but it does at least conclude that the surgery is complete.

Described as "crutching around", Ryan Whitney is out of surgery and I'd imagine feeling like complete crap.  There's just no other way of describing surgery of any kind, let alone the one that is set to keep you out of the lineup for a max of five months, minimum three.

But expectations are that this problem will (obviously) alleviate something that has been plaguing Whitney for a while:

“I was so frustrated tying to skate with the problems I had that this is something I’m very happy about,” he told in his first interview since the surgery. “I couldn’t take not being healthy. It just wore on me, mentally as well as physically. This will be like a new start.”

Pens site

It better be, because his sub-par 40 point performance last season cost me a few spots in the rankings of my fantasy league.

*inhaler puff*

Guy Junker from the Pittsburgh Trib-Review more or less reiterated my shared sentiment from the initial news of Whit's need for surgery:

I wondered why a doctor could not have told Ryan Whitney in June instead of August that surgery on his foot was his best option. Now the Penguin defenseman will be out until at least after Halloween and perhaps as long as until after New Years. Then again the only thing I know about medicine is the mixture in the mug beside me, complete with sliced lime.


Personally, this is a good opportunity for the Penguins to utilize some of their deeper defenseman.  I propose they elect Kris Letang to the #1 PP unit and call up a guy like Goglioski (unless of course there is someone else more competent down there). 

On one hand, sure - it sucks that Whitney elected to have this surgery mere weeks before camp starts.  But on a similar note, this is going to pose as great motivation for the incoming prospects, as they know this is a spot worth vying for. 

The sheer competition for an obvious open roster slot should be exciting to see.  Kinda like dropping Kris Beech into a pit of hungry lions.