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NHL Legends Guy Lafleur, Maurice Richard make appearance in NHL 09

I know - it doesn't really pertain to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  But we've had some scattered talk on the site about fantasy hockey and NHL 2k9 during the offseason, so it's only right to at least show something that I thought was a pretty cool feature.

Montreal Canadiens legends will appear in NHL 09

I'd like to see NHL 09 take the reigns behind the Madden series and make all-time best teams.  Sure, you can play as the 1978 Steelers in Madden, but wouldn't it be rad to play as the 1991 Penguins in NHL 09? 

Well, we'll still have to wait for that.  But apparantly NHL 09 is at least moving in that direction by honoring the Montreal Canadiens and their 100 years of hockey. 

Still, I have to admit, the still shot of Ken Dryden looks pretty sick.