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So, who's going to Sweden to catch the Pittsburgh Penguins vs Ottawa Senators?

Globe1_mediumWell, not me.  It's not every day you get an e-mail associated with the Pittsburgh Penguins that offers you the opportunity to travel to the season opener in Sweden for the low, low price of $2,250 per person ($3,062 if you're going alone).  In fact, I just had to take one glance at my checking account to realize this is not at all possible.  But I think each and every member of Pensburgh should play the lottery in their respected states and promise to take along the entire blog if they win.

If my calculations are correct, we'll need roughly $140,000 to cover the tickets and airfare (conveniently NOT included) to take along everyone who is registered as a user on the site.  And hey, you occasional readers are welcome to come along as well.

So let's get moving on this lottery thing.

Lucky numbers: 66, 29, 71, 87, 55, 17

And in case you're wondering what Epcot Center is doing in this blog, rest assured it is merely the oddly spherical shaped arena in which the two teams will open the season up in whilst playing in Sweden.