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Leave it to the Islanders to give us a good laugh

Slow news day folks.  If anything gets moving later today I'll pop it up.  For the time being, rest assured good friends; I have provided you with some comic relief.

In my Internet searches this fine, early morning, I came across a marketing campaign/slogan for the 2008-09 New York Islanders.  The statement is so-so, but the best part is embedded in the text.  Maybe I took it differently then some, but I'm sure even Islanders fans had to let out a  slight "yeah right" when they read this.


There's the general ad for the Islanders.  Basic, concise and somewhat desperate.  Do you want a piece of the team that made the playoffs only once in the past three years and finished 25 out of 30 NHL teams in attendance?

I'm sure you do.

And here is the funny part you may not be able to read in the large one:


Now how is that for wishful thinking?