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Alex Goligoski tops list of Pittsburgh Penguins' top 20 prospects

Great link out there on listing the top 20 prospects in the Penguins' system.

Here's the top 10, as it appears on the site:

1. Alex Goligoski
2. Carl Sneep
3. Luca Caputi
4. Dustin Jeffrey
5. Brian Strait
6. Tyler Kennedy
7. Alex Grant
8. Casey Pierro-Zabotel
9. Nick Johnson
10. John Curry

If I had to go making my picks, based solely on heresay and last season's minor league performances, I'd opt for GoGo, Caputi and maybe John Curry if a backup goalie is needed.

The remainder of the list, Filewich, Stone, Brown, are all capable in time.  But if the Penguins are looking to fill roster spots by the end of camp, I'd say GoGo and Caputi are most likely to get the favored eye.

Thanks to Pensburgh user krakota for correcting my mistake at labeling Caputi as a center.  He's a left winger and should therefore have as good a chance as any to pick up the wing on Sid and Geno.

Thanks again Krakota.