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East for offense, West for defense

Sports Illustrated writer Darren Eliot put together a great article about the breakdown of players in the NHL.  Sure, it may be obvious, but it's worth noting regardless.

The East is known for its young offense, while the west is known for its defense and veterans.

Sounds like the AFC/NFC debate in football.

But in looking at the two conferences, certain trends have become distinct over the last five years as the league moved to a heavier inter-divisional format. In general, the East boasts more young, dynamic offensive players, while the West is more about size, defense and proven veterans.


Who does he give as examples in the East?

Some guy named Alexander Ovechkin and this other dude who wears number 87.

But in the West you have your wheelchairs and walkers with guys like Nik Lidstrom, Chris Pronger, Scott Niedermayer and Sergei Zubov.

Even though the West has big guns like Mike Modano and Jarome Iginla, Eliot says (and rightfully so) that the East is just loaded with way more weapons.

Outside of Pitt and Washington, think of Vinny Lecavalier in Tampa, Mike Richards in Philly and Zach Parise in New Jersey. As much as we as Penguins fans must hate everything Philly, you have to admit - those three guys are really great offensive players.

As evidenced by the Finals, defense wins games.  But what do you think about the structure of the conferences against one another?