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$20 for an Evgeni Malkin autographed hat? Help Katie fight!

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Hockey, as a sport, hardly shuns away from helping the fans.  Some of the most personable players in any league play for the NHL.  Guys like Mario Lemieux, Phil Kessel and Saku Koivu have battled back from cancer and raised money for their respected charities.  So when I read about Katie's Fight on, I felt obligated as a team blogger for a sport that is so generous to its fans to, in turn, spread the word about an auction for a good cause.

Here's the Ebay page.

There's some good stuff up there too.  Keep in mind the following prices are subject to change, but you already know that.  Take for example, the $20 Evgeni Malkin autographed hat.  Or, should you wish to spend your stimulus check (for our American readers), you can opt for the $399 autographed Mario Lemieux jersey.

If you're worried about authenticity, then look no further than the item itself.  The NHL donated these specific items to the charity and certified via label on the product that the autograph is genuine.

If you plan on bidding away, let me know how you do.  I'd love to see a Pensburgh member take home some goodies for a good cause.  There's less than two days remaining on these items, so get busy buyin.