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Marc-Andre Fleury's goalie cam


Fleuryshelmet_mediumSpecial thanks to Pensburgh's newest member BabyPens16 for the link contribution. 

According to BP16 this thing was kept a secret as a matter of defense for Fleury.  The main concern was Albany's urge to want to shoot for MAF's head.  The final product is what you see in the video.

For a deeper look into the technology behind Marc-Andre Fleury's goalie cam in the video posted late last week, read up on the inner workings here.

Apparently Fleury leads the league in number of times in which a goalie has worn the camera.  It's not exactly an official stat, but the guy behind the production of the camera said so himself and frankly I'll take his word on it.  I can't imagine many goalies being comfortable with this sort of thing.  We've seen how Sid will often toss the mic off on the bench if he feels it's annoying him.  I can't imagine goalies would have much liberty to do so until after a period of play.  To think Fleury signed up for this sort of thing kind of amazes me, but I guess it was just a way of entertaining and conditioning during the lockout.

Here's how the whole thing works.  If you look close enough at the picture you can actually see the camera between the '2' and the '9' down by the chin.  For the actual tech talk stuff, I'll let the site do the explaining:

The new and improved goalie cam uses the Sony XC-555 mini camera. Silverman's first step was to "deconstruct" the 7-ounce cigar-shaped SD camera, which is four inches long and 7/8-inch wide. The lens was mounted behind a pencil-sized hole drilled below the chin of the goalie mask then connected by a ribbon cable to rest of the camera inside a waterproof housing at the back of the helmet.


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