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Sidney Crosby's birthday

Today's Sidney Crosby's 21st birthday.  While the kid may officially be an adult now that US bars will serve him, I'm sure there aren't many people out there who would refute the fact that Crosby has been an adult since he was drafted. 

Sure, he lived with Mario (and still does), but you've hardly heard announcers and analysts say Sid "has a lot of growing up to do" in terms of professionalism.  He's carried himself in a positive light since draft day, knows and understands his role in the league and doesn't disappoint the upper echelons of power when it comes to staying out of bad press write-ups.

So it's Sid's birthday, and a happy birthday to em.  The Pittsburgh Trib-Review writes: "Here's to Sid the Adult", but I think he's grown up much faster than his current age reflects. 

Continue reading for some fun and interesting Penguins related drink recipes.

Crosby told the Tribune-Review he plans to celebrate his coming of age with friends at his home in Nova Scotia, and when he tips a cup in Canada -- the legal drinking age there is 19 -- he prefers it be filled with Jack Daniels or Crown Royal.

A whiskey drinker huh?

This link also provides a list of hockey related drinks that I'd advise everyone break out for the season opener in Sweden.

My two favorites:

The Penguin

• 1 ounce vodka

• 1/2 ounce Blue Curacao

• 2 ounce lemon-lime mix

• Fill with Sprite

• Float 1/2 ounce banana liqueur

Be sure to mix with lots of ice.

I'm not much a soda drinker, so I guess I'll have to experiment with a substitute.  Maybe I'll just garnish with a lemon AND a lime.  How daring...

Sid's Special

• 4 ounce gin

• 1 tablespoon frozen lime juice concentrate

• Ice cubes

• Fill with 7UP or Sprite

Place cubes in glass, add gin, frozen lime juice and 7UP. Stir.

I don't know if this was particularly made for Sid or not, but I can't imagine a whiskey drinker would be all too stoked about chugging down gin.  Doesn't sound half bad though.