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A look through the eyes of a Pittsburgh Penguins season-ticket holder

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No, this isn't an autobiographical piece.  In fact, it's more of those "wish it were me" sort of posts.

In all of my infinite daily searches for anything related to or surrounding the Pittsburgh Penguins, I came across a Pens fan's personal live journal in which he provides some pictures of the season ticket package that the Penguins send out to fans.

The sheer fact he titled it "Christmas Morning" should be enough to depict his excitement.

I'd love to copy and import the pics here, but since I'm not one to steal without permission, I'd advise you all to check out this post here and see the level of class the organization exudes towards its fan base.

Jealous much?  Yeah, you could say so.  And frankly his $925 investment seems awfully cheap to me.

But just wait till the new arena - those things will skyrocket.  If you needed any further evidence look at The Prudential Center in Newark (not like they can really sell tickets anyway), or even baseball stadium's like the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Bank Park (Mets).  Those ticks are all taking a hike.

At least the Penguins aren't instilling PSLs (personal seat licenses) a la the NFL.