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Crashing the Net - Now with more Jordan Staal!

Jordan_staal_medium Or at least some of the stories pertain to him directly, which is more than last time...

As many on here speculated during the offseason, The Trib-Review is mentioning that Jordan Staal is a likely candidate for a switch to left wing on one of the top lines.  The goal is to have him help fill the void left behind by Ryan Malone's departure to Tampa.  This open things up, including his play, but more also keeps a potential center position open during prospect camp.  Interesting.  Does Therrien have his eyes set on someone already?


Trib also did a feature on Staal, in which confidence is definitely not an issue:

"If I'm playing well, there's no question that I think I should be on the power play," Staal said Tuesday after the Penguins were examined at UPMC Center for Sports Medicine.

"I can be that kind of player."

Despite whatever may have gone down in the past, Brooks Orpik and Michel Therrien seem cool with one another.  Either that, or Therrien is plotting to kill him during team golf outings. 

Warning opponents: Crosby is looking to shoot more.  This is, of course, a good thing.  How many times did you yell at the TV last season for him to shoot (probably not as much as Letang/Malkin, but still...); to stop with the fancy passes and just put a shot on?  Well, no worries - he's looking to up that part of his game and pose as a "more dangerous shooter."

In the Post-Gazette, we get a closer look at how the Penguins look to use Satan.  More so, how Crosby intends to play alongside him:

"He's a shooter. He's a goal-scorer," Crosby said. "There's no secret that he knows where to go. My job doesn't change. I'm usually the one passing, so I have to find him."

Don't know how you see it, but doesn't that feel like it contradicts the previous "I want to shoot more" statement?

And finally Bob Smizik at the Post-Gaz provides a little insight into the first day of camp yesterday, while also taking a close look at the changes around the team since June:

The team reported for physicals on the South Side in the morning. Blood was drawn, tests were run, bodies were examined. Later in the day, some of the players participated in an optional skate at Mellon Arena. The first practice is this morning; the first exhibition game in four days; the first regular-season game in 18.

You hear (read) that?  18...

You can officially begin your longing stares at the counter on the right side of the page now.

Fantasy hockey e-mails going out hopefully by this weekend so keep a heads up.