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Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets on sale Saturday


At last, an answer to the "When do Pittsburgh Penguins tickets go on sale" e-mails...

Regular season tickets go on sale Saturday at 10 a.m.  I can't stress it enough - if you want to get tickets you better start speed dialing at 9:59:59.  Last season I was lucky enough to get through and land two tickets for the home opener in section A16.  Sure, it cost me a pretty penny but I live by the theory of Go Hard or Go Home.  The only exception is work, where I'd much rather go home. 

Anyway, the tickets sold out FAST last season.  So here's the info you better hold onto if you want in on the home opener scheduled for October 11 against the New Jersey Devils...

Call 412-642-PENS or 1-800-642-PENS, or log on to  Only 1,000 tickets will be set aside for each home game, so make sure you get on it.

I'd highly recommend logging onto the website and keeping the phone on hand as well.  Last season the page was hit with such a surge of users that ticketmaster was crashing harder than Eric Lindros' head to the ice.

Keep in mind the Penguins have sold out 67-straight games, including all 41 at home last season.