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A look inside Pittsburgh Penguins camp

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Camp was underway as soon as 8:30 am yesterday morning.  With nerves most likely on overdrive, or maybe it was just a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Michel Therrien took the bad end of a slip on the ice.  Camp hopeful Keven Veilleux stepped on a puck and lost his balance, but on the way down clipped Therrien and sent them both to the ice.  Therrien left practice - but you have to laugh (nervously or otherwise) at how the subject of an injury has already worked its way into camp talk.


Miroslav Satan scored on Marc-Andre Fleury in a 2-0 scrimmage win yesterday.  There's been constant talks of his production throughout the offseason, and if anyone wants to put them to rest I'm sure it's Satan himself.  Of course there's the glowing puck to stick passing from Crosby that will no doubt help any forward.  Satan, however, is remaining humble on the subject.

"It was only my first practice with (Crosby). I have to play with him more to see how he operates, how fast he's moving and how fast he makes decisions."

Miroslav Satan

Fan favorite and eternal prankster Max Talbot is highlighted in today's Trib-Review for his on-ice play and off-ice morale.  For those who ever thought it would pose as a difficult task to replace Colby in the locker room, Max seems to have that taken care of.  Also a funny note; for those who may have satellite radio and listen to the Opie and Anthony show, the hosts put together the top 10 worst sports commercials ever.  Max's acting debut in the infamous BMW commercial got a much deserving nod.  Chicuk-chee-chikuh-chee-chee.

You may also remember Max's joke on (Toronto?) fans last season, when he dressed up in Sid's jersey and helmet and skated onto the ice for a stick raise.  This drew plenty of criticism from waste-of-breath pundits like Don Cherry, but it was no doubt hysterical.