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Pittsburgh Penguins round table discussion

Tony from Confluence of the Three Rivers (over at MVN), e-mailed me last week to gauge my interest in a round table discussion focusing on the upcoming season.  In addition to the great cast of representatives, there are some great questions that carry a variety of answers.

Here is the list of reps involved in the discussion:

Sean Leahy (SL) - Going Five Hole
Matt Bodenschatz (MB) - Faceoff Factor
Hooks Orpik (HO) - The Sweater Ted
FrankD (FD) - Pensburgh
Joe Sager (JS) - Pittsburgh Penguins Director of Content/Publication
Chris Yarbrough (CY) - Taking One for the Team
Chris Wassel (CW) - The NHL Arena
Chris Gates (CG) - Pittsburgh Puck Talk
Seth Rorabaugh (SR) - Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Empty Netters
Tony Ferrante (TF) - The Confluence of the Three Rivers

The topics of discussion range from Sid's linemates, to Janne Pesonen and all the way up to next year's Stanley Cup winner.  So shoot over and check it out.