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Pittsburgh Penguins preseason is here

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What do you know?  The Pittsburgh Penguins' preseason kicks off today against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  The festivities will start this morning with an open practice and skate for the public starting at 8:45, but fans are expected to air out afterwards and make way for the prep crew.  Sure, it's only preseason but it's no less exciting. 

What to expect in the Tampa/Pitt preseason?  Not much.  This is the best opportunity to get some glances at the lesser known guys who you hear about in camp but never see.  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the vets sit out the first game or two.  And, even if they dress, if it's anything like last preseason they won't log anything over three minutes. 



Here's a good chance for the guys to get their skates wet, knock around a few pucks and just stretch out their legs.  Plus, keep your eyes peeled for Barry Melrose on the Tampa bench.  I'm also hoping to see Steve Stamkos and Janne Pesonen in action - preseason or not.

WXDX should be broadcasting the game, and if Center Ice online is promoting the same way they did last season you should also be able to watch preseason for free online (but don't hold me to it).  If all else fails, may have the feeds coming through too.

Gettin fired up yet, or storing it up for the regular season?