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Roster down to 29 for the Pittsburgh Penguins

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With the continental exhibition season halfway through, the Penguins trimmed down their roster once again in efforts to stock up for the overseas excursion for the final exhibition game against Jokerit and the season opener against the Ottawa Senators in Sweden. 

A few of the names shouldn't come as a surprise, because frankly a few of the names didn't so much as even make a blip on the training camp radar.

Take the jump to see the most recent Penguins roster-cut list.

All of these players were reassigned to Wilkes Barre/Scranton:

Kris Beech
Ryan Stone
Adam Henrich
Aaron Boogaard
Tim Wallace
Jonathan Filewich
David Gove
Christopher Minard

Deryk Engelland
T.J. Kemp
Ben Lovejoy
Joey Mormina

David Brown

Kris Beech really looked like he was fighting for a spot, but I presume Pesonen is taking a preference over his spot.  Ryan Stone needed to play a flawless and dominant game but really failed to do either, while Boogaard opted to use his fists more than his stick.  Guys like Filewich, Wallace and Minard may find themselves in that group of call-ups as the season progresses, but a full-time roster spot is far off for them.

Ben Lovejoy and Joey Mormina should come unto their own with WBS this season, especially if Goligoski is set to take the blue line in place of Whitney/Gonchar.  If there's one things fans should have in the WBS squad, it's faith - look at how beneficial it was for the Penguins in getting them through the brick load of injuries last season.

And finally, David Brown hardly stood a shot this season.  Fleury is obviously not going to get a demotion (unless it's a rehab stint) and Sabourin is in the final leg of his contract so he'll probably just play out the season from the bench with about a dozen or so starts between the pipes. 

Any surprises, or were these expected?