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Sergei Gonchar out of Pittsburgh Penguins lineup six weeks to...six months??

Unfortunately that is the time frame given by the team in regards to Sergei Gonchar's dislocated shoulder.  Six weeks...or six months. 

The Trib-Review talks it down a bit which, for all intents and purposes, is nice of them. I don't know if six months is likely, especially when you consider how Gonchar is looking for non-surgical alternatives. 

"It's either, 'You're doing surgery' or 'You're not doing surgery.  I still have time before we do anything. Either way we're going, I have to make sure my shoulder is strong and all the swelling is going down."

Sergei Gonchar

No worries though in regards to the point shot during the power play.  According to the Trib-Review, Evgeni Malkin will most likely take over those duties.  For those who may remember last season (and let's hope that's all of you), Malkin was no stranger to rocking the point shot during the power play when Sid was out.  In fact, Therrien was so happy with it that he kept Malkin out there when Sid came back. 

Fact is it sucks losing Gonch, but it's a comfort knowing Malkin can take over the duties on the power play at least.  As for the defensive end of things, I have faith of Goli and Letang to hold down the fort.  Let us not forget high-tower Hal Gill, Rob Scuderi and the often-hurt but highly-formidable (when healthy) Mark Eaton.

What do you think about Malkin up top on the PP?