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A look at the Pittsburgh Penguins' top prospects - Alex Goligoski and Luca Caputi

As I've already mentioned a few times before, I'm no expert on the WBS squad.  So when word starts to make its way around about prospect camp and we receive word of some 'top' guys in the running for a starting role, I go to the experts. 

Jonathan Bombulie is that expert.  Since 1999, J.B. has been the go-to guy for the WBS Pens and everything around them (including these rumors).

So here's what J.B. sent me in an e-mail yesterday evening:

Luca Caputi

I think Caputi's a legit prospect. He hustles, has good hands around the net and isn't afraid to play in high-traffic areas, and that's more than half the battle. Once he bulks up and matures physically, he'll be an NHL player of some caliber or another. People talk about him being a Ryan Malone-type potentially, but I don't see that. Malone was a physical specimen from the first day he turned pro. I see Caputi more as a Colby Armstrong with better hands.

Alex Goligoski

Goligoski is the real deal. People talk about him being deficient defensively, but I don't buy that. He can play in his own end. He does force things with the puck sometimes and he can be overwhelmed physically by bigger forwards, but in the big picture, he's an excellent skater with good vision. He'll amount to something.

To keep track of the prospects and read JB's constant coverage, visit Penguins Insider.