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Sidney Crosby at top of Hockey News rankings

I tossed news of The Hockey News rankings up about two or three weeks ago (available here).  Today the Penguins have the info up on their main page, so I guess at the least I can reiterate what has already been shared.

Last season THN predicted Sid would score 123 points.  In case you missed it, he didn't.  Despite his ankle injury from last season, which I'd imagine is 110% healed by now, THN once again placed Sid at the top of the charts with a predicted 113 point season.


Crosby resides atop The Hockey News rankings for a second-straight year, despite suffering a severe high ankle sprain that caused him to miss 29 games last season. When healthy, Crosby was a dominant force. He led the NHL in scoring at the time of his injury and still finished the season with 72 points (24+48) in 53 games. His average of 1.36 points per game was nearly identical to Alexander Ovechkin, who captured the NHL scoring title.


I'd also like to add that in 29 less games than Jaromir Jagr, Sid still finished one point better than the New York Rangers' captain.

The one thing I'm really excited to see is the list of milestones that Sid should reach (and pass) within the first five or six games:

He is one goal shy of 100 for his career, five assists shy of 200 and six points away from 300. He enters this season having played in just 213 games.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say he gets his 100th goal in Sweden, maybe tallies two or three assists and comes back for the home opener against New Jersey to have it taken care of before the Pens even hit the road back in the states.