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Video of Mario Lemieux at Pittsburgh Penguins' new arena ceremony

You know, this isn't a political blog and you'll hardly hear me voice my concerns or discerns here on anything related to politics.  But if there's something I really despise about politicians of any party in any part of the world it's when they try to be funny.

That's what we see here in the video of Mario Lemieux at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new arena, taken a few weeks ago.  Listen to the little jokes of "his left wing" and how "we won't see any right wingers here, we'll all Democrats."

Funny stuff (sarcasm).

What IS kind of funny is the design of the shovels.  Look familiar?

When you also consider Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin's "the difference between a bulldog and hockey mom" joke during last week's convention, it's fair to say the sport has garnered some hearty attention in politics over the last few months.

PS - This is also the video where Lemieux says the trips to K.C. were just for nice dinners.