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Marc-Andre Fleury amongst Eastern Conference's best goaltenders


A recent story from staff writer Dan Rosen puts Marc-Andre Fleury in the upper echelons of goaltending for the Eastern Conference.

Also listed alongside the youngest member of the club are Martin Brodeur, Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Miller and Tomas Vokoun. 

Check out what Rosen said about Fleury after the jump...

Fleury, the No. 1 overall pick in 2003, solidified himself as a franchise goalie during the Stanley Cup Playoffs by leading the Penguins to the Final.

Fleury finished the postseason with a 14-6 record and a 1.97 GAA. Prior to the postseason he was coming on strong to help the Penguins secure the Atlantic Division title after missing close to three months with a high ankle sprain.

With confidence finally on his side and a long-term contract in his pocket, Fleury is primed for his best season yet.

Last season MAF was a stellar 19-10-2 between the pipes during the regular season, posting a .921 save percentage and 2.33 GAA.

Personally, I feel if Fleury stays healthy this season he'll surpass all of the other goaltenders mentioned in this article.  Had he not gone down with an injury last season, chances are he'd stand at the top of the pile.

You have to give props when props are due, so with that it's only right to say that Vokoun is a pretty solid netminder.  Brodeur is the returning vet who can see his career slip away any season now.  Lundqvist needs an offense to help him out in those 1-0 games and Ryan Miller has to get a little more defensively to keep him on track.

Heck, the Red Wings don't even have a flattering goaltender; but they do have an incredible defense.

Yet despite those little fallacies in each respective team's composition, these goaltenders are no doubt still at the top of the class.

You almost have to wonder how good they'd be with a complete team around them.

Is Fleury in his place amongst the other guys?